Teresa Boardman

Teresa Boardman

Teresa Boardman

I am a Realtor, and the owner of and broker for Boardman Realty.  Also a blogger, writer, photographer and occasionally a speaker.

I live in St. Paul Minnesota and am active in my community. I do some volunteer work including Meals on wheels and I am on the board of directors for the West 7th Community Center.

As a Realtor, I have a decade of experience and as a lifelong resident of St. Paul I really know the city. I tend to give practical, down to earth no nonsense advice to my clients.  There is a lot of mythology in real estate but I like facts and metrics. Selling homes is both an art and a science and experience matters. Today’s buyers go to the internet to search for homes.  Each home for sale needs to have an online presence all it’s own and that presence starts with amazing photography.   If you are looking for a real estate photographer look no further.  I actually use a real camera, instead of a phone . . .at least for professional grade real estate photography.

I don’t just work with sellers I also work with buyers. I understand both sides of the equation and I really know my way around older homes and appreciate historic homes and architecture.   I know the condo market very well especially in downtown St. Paul. I have sold several downtown condos and have helped buyers through the condo buying process.

My websites:

The St. Paul Real Estate Blog posts at least once a day. I post that often because being a Realtor is my primary occupation.  I started it in 2005 and have not been able to stop.

Every Realtor needs a website find mine: T was Here.   I decided that real estate websites are among the ugliest on the internet so I designed my own and I continue to tweak it as I learn by checking my google analytics  I guess I should have mentioned up front that I am kind of geeky.

StPaulPhotos.com This blog came to be in early 2009 because I take so dang many photos. It is mostly photos but includes some ideas about where to take pictures and some resources for people who are kind of serious about photography but are not pros and don’t take themselves too seriously.

The Real Estate Weenie  my blog, cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.   It started as a joke and took on a life of its own.  I post on it once or twice a month because I can.

allTallDay  – a camera phone blog.   I take pictures with my phone and post them directly to my blog.   The posts are random and on a given day I post one to five times.  I post from my car, or while I am walking or during meetings. I believe that if something happens and I don’t blog about it, it never really happened.

Columnist for  Inman News. My columns are for Realtors and the real estate industry and are written from a Realtor’s point of view, which is unusual in our industry.  It is more common for people who have never sold real estate to write about it.

If you want to know more about me, just ask Google.  If you would like to buy a home or sell one contact me and we will get started.