St. Paul, MN


Downtown St. Paul

The last great city of the East. We some confuse us with Minneapolis the city right next door. Most people just call the two cities the “Twin Cities”.

St. Paul Minnesota is the capitol of Minnesota and it is a river town located on the banks of the mighty Mississippi river.  We also have a lot of lakes.   I have no idea how to describe St. Paul, I have lived here all my life. It is like a big city and a small town at the same time. Minneapolis is our right next door, it is a short drive from one downtown to the other. We have a joke that people should go to Minneapolis to party but come back home to St. Paul for a good nights sleep. We have plenty going on in St. Paul, like the Minnesota wild hockey team and there are festivals and events all summer. We also have a strong arts community and an art crawl twice a year and an excellent school system. Some of the things I love about St. Paul are the parks system and the bike trails.

Most any type of housing can be found in and around the city. We have new construction and wonderful historic homes and everything in between. To get a feel for average prices by neighborhood check out my home prices and sales numbers for St. Paul. Also see The St. Paul Neighborhoods page.

Here is a link to the City of St. Paul web site and here are some photos of the city: