Moving Guide

Moving to St. Paul?

You will be needing some services, like cable or maybe a phone. Here are some links to utilities.

* Cable Television and Internet
* Garbage and Refuse Service – you are on your own for refuse removal.  If you bought a home find out which service the seller is using.  I will give you a tip though. We have an excellent recycling program.  You may not need weekly pick up.

*Direct TV

*Internet/DSL Service

It gets a bad rap for being slow . . but now they use fiber optic cable. The plan I have is faster than cable and much less expensive.  In the last four years I have had two outages. One was my fault and the other was caused by a bad storm.

* Gas and Electricity
* Recycling
* Water Services

The City of St. Paul web site

In St. Paul we are responsible for snow removal from our own alleys.  If the alley is plowed it is because the neighbors got together and are sharing the cost of snow removal.

Permit parking

Some St. Paul neighborhoods require a parking permit to park on the street . . yes even in front of your own home.  The permits currently cost $30 a year. There are temporary parking permits that can be given to guests. The city of St. Paul does not have a list of areas where parking permits are required on their web site.  Any neighborhood that does have permit parking has signs up and down the street your best bet is to look for a sign.  There will be a number on the sign like “area 7”  Call the department of public works to get your permit 651-266-6200  They are good for a year, from August to August.  Once you get that first permit they can be renewed by mail each year.