How to buy a home

Home sweet home

Minnesota Real Estate

Real estate is regulated on the local level. If you want to buy a home in Minnesota the process will be a bit different than it is in any other state. When searching for information on the internet find out which states it applies to.

The Minnesota attorney generals office has an excellent resource for Minnesota home buyers. If you are just getting started see the home buyers hand book.

Smart Phones

Maybe you are going to use an iPhone or a droid to help in your search. There are some gorgeous apps for home searches but many of them do not have all of the local listings.  The app has them all.  No kidding.  Test and compare. I tested several apps by comparing them to data in the MLS.  Sometimes  I found the listing on the app but the information was wrong and other times I did not find homes that are listed.  Don’t limit your choices by using web sites or mobile apps that only have some of the listings.

Home Search Web Sites

There are a lot of pretty web sites out there for buyers to use in the home search.  Some require giving away contact information just to search for homes and others only have some of the listings on them.  The best sites are those that get a feed from our MLS because they have the most up-to-date information on them.  The home search on this site is fed from the local MLS as are the search sites of all of the local real estate companies.  Fund the one that is the easiest to use and use it.  Most foreclosures are listed on our MLS there isn’t any need to pay for a list of foreclosures. Most Realtors can and will get you a list for free.


You can’t make an offer on a home until you are pre-approved by a lender.  Trust me not all lenders are equal.  One way to find a great lender is to ask your friends, or your Realtor or maybe go to your local bank and ask them for a loan.  If you cal a Realtor because you would like to see a home in most cases they will ask if you are pre-approved and if you are not they may not show you the home.   We expect you to look at several homes before you buy one but we only get paid when and if you buy a home so it doesn’t make any sense to show one to someone who can not buy a home.

For more information and tips for buyers please see the buyers category or first time home buyers on my blog.  I have been a Realtor for a lot of years and have collected some stories in that time.