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How Much is you home worth?

img_9573_edited-1If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, or if you are simply interested in finding out how much your home is worth in today’s market, we can do a Comparative Market Analysis of your home.

The more information you provide the closer I can come to finding your home’s value. The dollar amount will be what I think your home would most likely sell for if it were put on the market today. This is a free service. In most cases you will get a market analysis from me within 24 hours.

Click Here for a free price evaluation.

I respect your privacy. The information you provide will not be sold or shared with third parties. It is not my policy to send spam and I honor the do not call list. This is not a referral service.

What your neighbors listed their home for, what they said they got for it and what they actually got for it may be three different things. If you really want to know, look up homes that have sold in the last two years, find out how much they sold for. This is also a useful tool for determining the value of your own home. Look for homes like yours in your area and see how much they sold for.

If you are looking for a Realtor call or write. I won’t bite and would be happy to sit down and talk with you about selling your home. No obligation and I encourage home owners to interview more than one agent.

I have been tracking home values and sales in St. Paul by neighborhood for years.  See Local Market Conditions & home prices Real Estate is local.

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