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Buying a home is an important decision. It is about the most expensive purchase anyone makes. I recommend against buying a home for those who plan to move in a couple of years. A home is more of a long term investment.

The first step in the process is meeting with a lender. Most buyers don’t have enough cash and need a loan. it is best to figure out how much you want to spend each month on housing instead of borrowing as much as the lender will allow. I like to think in terms of a comfortable payment, instead of a stressful payment.

As a buyers agent my job is to help them find the perfect home and then help them buy it by negotiating the offer and working through the details of purchasing a home. I am a buyers advocate.  It isn’t my job to sell them a home. It is my job to help them buy one and to represent them along the way and to use my experience and expertise on their behalf and I love that part of my job.  Each real estate purchase is just a little different and each one has something to teach us.  The laws and even the paperwork change each year and I take special training each year so that I am always up-to-speed.

Real estate is local and it is locally regulated. Minnesota home buyers who read advice on a California web site might not be getting the information they need. Our Minnesota attorney general has put together some great information for Minnesota home buyers. Get the scoop without the sales pitch.

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Smart phone home search tools and help:

If you have an iPhone try the Realtor.com app. Currently it is the only app with all the local listings and the information is accurate. It provides a map view so that you can search for nearby listings or you can select and area and search it. Also try mortgage calculator for quickly calculating payments.